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About Us

Beagle Welfare is a newly formed Non Profit Organisation. It was founded in 2016. Our constitution can be found under 'Forms and Documents' should you wish to know more

Our Main aim is to ensure the safe and quick re-homing of Surrendered Beagles to their new loving homes, without passing sinister judgement on those who have surrendered their loved ones, due to any circumstances. We know this world has ups and downs and anything can happen, but lets not make anyone suffer, especially those who just want to love and be loved.

We will also work alongside reputable and ethical breeders in spreading public awareness on the breed to prevent the ever increasing surrenders. As well as educating the general public on being a responsible pet owner.

Beagle Welfare do not 'give away' beagles nor do they 'sell' beagles - beagles are 'ADOPTED' from Beagle Welfare. Let us explain. All beagles that are adopted from BW will be sterilised to prevent them from either having (or siring) any unwanted litters; they will be vaccinated to safeguard them from contracting diseases such as distemper or parvovirus; they will be dewormed to assist in the elimination of internal parasites, they will also receive Bravecto or other tick and flea preventative to ensure that there are no external parasites; and they will be microchipped. This is what prospective owners are paying for whenever they adopt an animal from an BW. The actual beagle is for free!!

NPO no: 169-478

NPC no: 2016/148104/08

Income Tax no:9306401192

PBO no: 930053696

Should anyone need any information on the organisation we will be most happy to assist.

Contact Information

Toni : 082 875 3282

Sue : 083 267 6969